Aynsley Lister Guitar workshops

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Aynsley Lister Guitar workshops

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Tuten gag und nöhliches freues Jahr,

Aynsley Lister macht zwei neue Workshops. Das besondere daran ist, daß das Ganze diesmal mit Drum- und Bass Workshops zeitgleich stattfindet. Steve, Aynsley's Bassist, ist ein super witziger, äusserst zugänglicher Typ, immer für einen Witz gut.

Kontakt über: tuition@aynsleylister.co.uk

Englisch ist natürlich Voraussetzung. Auf Aynsley's Webseite (http://aynsleylister.co.uk/) kann man sich für den Newsletter eintragen, dann bekommt man solche mails wie diese:

Morning all,

This is just a quick update on the upcoming Guitar Weekends..

Dates as follows:
12-14 January 2018
19-21 January 2018

The 2018 weekends are being held at The Palace Hotel in Buxton. It's located right next to Buxton train station and less than 1 hour from Manchester Airport.

New to 2018 - we have drum workshops as well as bass, so bring the whole band with you!

We've still got a few places left so if you're interested, please let me know. It's a great Christmas present for anyone with any last minute shopping left to do! Haha! More information for anyone new to this list below, as well as links to Aynsley's jamtrackcentral tuition packages.

Have a great Christmas all of you and we'll see you in the new year!

Cheers all,
Steph & Aynsley

How it works...

The weekend starts with dinner on the Friday evening at 7pm, then kicks off with an evening jam - 2 guitarists at a time getting up to jam with Aynsley's band, finishing around midnight.

During the day on Saturday Aynsley will talk to the group about various aspects of playing and the group will get a chance to put any ideas discussed into practice with the band. There will be another jam on Saturday evening after dinner.

Sunday will be much the same as Saturday but finishing at about tea time (approx. 5pm).

All meals are included in the price (breakfast, lunch and dinner), as well as tea/coffee/water throughout the day, spa access if you want to use it, your accommodation and all your tuition. The only thing you'll need to pay for whilst you're there is your bar bill.

Location, cost and travel

The cost per person is £325 and the weekends will be held at The Palace Hotel in Buxton. The location is fantastic!

Those flying from Europe are best flying into Manchester Airport. There is a possibility of airport transfers, but please get in touch to discuss because this will depend on the timings and dates of your flights.

There is also a train station located next door to the hotel, so those travelling via public transport can access the hotel easily.

How experienced do you need to be?

This is a popular question! To get the most out of the weekend you need to have a basic grasp of lead playing and chords, roughly at an intermediate level. Knowledge of theory is not essential. There's no pressure to get up and jam and you can take the weekend at your own pace. Every year we have people of varying abilities; some have never played in front of anyone before and others play regularly in bands. The atmosphere is non-judgemental and very relaxed so you won't feel out of place whatever your level.

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